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While working at a call centre that supported a global, enterprise organization in the late-90’s, myself and a colleague decided to “electronicize” the paper-based operating and call routing tables. Why? Why not! That was first experience trying to get "other people to adopt a change"

After seeing the 70 local and, who-knows-how-many, remote workers complain about how ineffective those manuals were, we decided to learn how to program. A couple of weeks later, a Cold Fusion application running on Windows NT 3.51, O’Reilly’s Website Pro with a Microsoft Access database was born!

That application seemed to make people happy, and it was possible because management let us do it, even though it wasn’t part of our job description.

Over the years I moved away from development, and into project management and management. In 2007 I “officially” discovered Agile and found my real passion. I say “officially” because what was known as “Agile” was just the way I preferred to work. What could be more awesome than inflicting Agile on organizations? How could they not love it!

After hitting many people over the head with the Agile stick for a couple of years I realized that implementing Agile had very little to do with Agile, and everything to do with change.

In 2009 I started experimenting with some ideas that eventually morphed into a video series published by Pearson Education called Agile Transformation: A Guide to Organizational Change. Here I debuted a one-page change plan, and began bridging the change management, organizational development and Agile communities.

In 2012 all the pieces fell into place. I had the opportunity to work with Jeff Anderson who was experimenting with applying Lean Startup concepts to implementing Kanban. Having recently launched two new products using the Lean Startup method, I was quite familiar with it already. Applying Lean Startup to change was the missing spice from my lean change management cookbook.

Later in 2012, I released the first edition of Lean Change Management and this second edition book is the next evolution of many innovative practices you can use to manage organizational change.

My second book, Change Agility was released in 2020 and in 2021 there are now 60 Lean Change Agent Facilitators running workshops worldwide along with a thriving community with over 8000 workshop attendees.

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